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Baby pictures, promo ads, a song you performed – Let Messiah Media turn it into a work of art with our videography and photography services. Wedding? Call us!

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If you would like to request Messiah Media services OR after reading the FAQ's, you still have questions which you would like answered, feel free to call us at 251-753-PRUNE (7786). You may also e-mail us at or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. ~ Shalom!



Q: How do you charge for very short videos such as promos and advertisements?


A: A minimum fee of $75 is charged for videos under 1 minute, whether Basic or Enhanced style. Additional fees may be charged for services such as scripting & narration.


Q: I understand your flat $150 fee for "Basic" videos but don't understand exactly how you charge for your "Enhanced" style. What is CVM? And what if I need scripting and narration?


A: For Enhanced media (most common), your final video project will NOT be charged by work hours but rather $100 per each Completed Video Minute, or CVM. Example: A completed video which is 4 minutes long will amount to $400 while a video which is 6 minutes and 30 seconds will amount to a fee of $650 (6.5x$100). Narration and scripting services are available for additional fees based on video length (i.e. $50/CVM each).


Q: I know you make videos with material I submit to you, but do you also provide videography and photography services on location on demand?


A: Yes. We offer onsite services for the Oklahoma City area at the rate of $200/hr. For events, we have an event package ($750) which covers travel expenses for Messiah Media as well as 5 hours of videography & photography services. With packages, an initial $100 deposit will be collected for onsite services in addition to the $100 deposit which will [later] be collected to begin your actual video draft. These deposits may be made together (i.e. $200 initial deposit) when booking onsite services or paid separately once a videographer completes onsite work. Both deposits will be rolled into the final cost of the entire video project. For elaborate events such as weddings, various packages are available based on customer needs!


Q: How do I submit material to Messiah Media for my video(s)?


A: Dropbox & email are the preferred methods but there are different options based on your own availability, budget, tech experience and time frames. If your material cannot be sent electronically, then other delivery options will be discussed when you contact Messiah Media.


Q: Once you receive the material for my video(s), what is your typical turnaround time?


A: Once your material is received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Messiah Media. At this point you will submit your $100 deposit (e.g. PayPal). Once your deposit is received, you can expect a first draft version of your video within 1 to 3 business days. Please note: Biblical holidays (e.g. Passover, Pentecost, etc.) are Sabbaths and therefore are not considered “business days.” However, Messiah Media does operate on most all non-Biblical holidays, providing they do not coincidentally fall on Biblical holiday dates.


Q: How do I view the first draft of my video?


A: You will be e-mailed or messaged a private YouTube link to view your first draft. If/when you are satisfied, you will then pay the remaining portion which is due. Next, your video will be uploaded to and you will receive a link to access your video for download. Video projects may also be mailed in the form of CD's, DVD's & USB flash drives. Please note: This will call for additional turnaround time and fees regarding postage.


Q: What if I’m NOT pleased with the video I paid a deposit for?


A: The first draft deposit is non-refundable based on work hours vested. However, 1 additional attempt will be made by Messiah Media for FREE to render a video copy with which you are absolutely pleased. For each additional draft, add 2 business days for your total project completion time. Beyond 2 drafts, a $50 charge will be assessed for any additional attempt to absolutely please you as our customer. 





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